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Hi My name is Pete McKillop and it’s very likely I started not too far from where you are now. I was working full-time at my day job, getting paid decently – but nowhere near the level I wanted. And certainly not with the freedom and impact I was craving.

Up to my late 40’s I worked in a number of small businesses holding senior management sales & marketing positions and putting all my effort in to growing sales…..for the owner of the respective business.

I was then made redundant, so I set up my own business and found a totally rewarding new experience in “Business Support”, inspiring start-ups and growing businesses by sharing my knowledge and adding value to their goals and aspirations.

I also started working with one of the Prince of Wales charity’s that helped people over 50 to start up a business. Clients attended three day workshops to create a robust business plan which set them off on their new journey as older entrepreneurs. You could say that this was my epiphany moment.

It is at this point that Business Planning Academy developed as a business. My mission is to use the available key online marketing techniques and work with Coaches and Experts who are over 50 to build their own business in a field which they are passionate about and are looking for more ways to attract and work with their clients.

So by sharing everything I've learnt through this Academy, I know this will provide you with a more direct path to the incredible success I've achieved in both my life and business.

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The Academy is made up of our exclusive members area, including our Action Plans, Office Hours calls and Knowledge base for pre and start up businesses and finally our Campus community to make your life easier in building a business and your work more productive.

Work with Pete

Even the most driven, self-motivated and inspired individuals need a little help once in a while, from the smallest, yet pressing questions, to a giant kick up the backside, I have several ways that you and I can work together and I have something to suit every budget.

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