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Welcome to The Business Planning Academy

Here’s what The Business Planning Academy is all about…

You have developed valuable knowledge and experience in your chosen industry and believe it is time to take that leap of faith by setting up your own business.


​But where do you start?

There’s a wealth of opportunity for you out there, you just need to know where to look.

It’s an opportunity that has the potential to lead you to financial security and a much increased quality of life in a relatively short space of time.

People who enter coaching in later life already have a vast wealth of experience, credibility, people skills and contacts to enter the market. I see my role as supporting you in rediscovering the fun and buzz of learning new skills to guide others and secure your financial future.

The Business Planning Academy supports Coaches and Experts in the PRIME of their lives to build profitable online businesses whilst following a lifestyle of their choice.

So if...

  • You can draw on your own experience and skills to guide others
  • You genuinely want to help other people
  • You relish the idea of being paid what you're really worth
  • You're ready to do some work
  • You know that you need to secure your financial future

...then you're in the right place

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What You Will Find In The Business Planning Academy Website

What's inside the Business Planning Academy Website

The material that I am supplying to help you along this journey is divided up into two main areas:

1 - The Blog

The Business Planning Academy blog is really more than a blog… it is an ever-growing knowledge base. To help you find information quickly, I’ve split up the blog into common topics. Simply click on the topic of interest to you and find any article I’ve written on it. Being a member of the Academy also has its advantages, as the meaty content to some of my blog posts are only available to members!

2 - The Academy

The Business Planning Academy is an exclusive member’s area, where we really get serious about implementing the strategies, checklists, courses and the Action Plans that I’ll be sharing with you, to make your life easier and more productive whilst you build a business online.

We also have a member only support community and regular Office Hours calls, to ensure you travel this journey successfully.

I want to be straight up with you about this website… my goal is for you to become a member of the Business Planning Academy. I believe that it is important that we are able to share our experiences, support each other and have some fun at the same time, because setting up any business can be scary and bewildering. It is also exciting and very rewarding. The Academy is obviously a part of my own business, but at the same time, this is where I spend my time actually delivering.

Welcome! Let's Get Started With The Business Planning Academy

In order to get started with the Academy, you need to have certain basics in place. Namely:

  1. ​Domain Name and Web Hosting
  2. WordPress Content Management System
  3. A WordPress Compatible Theme
  4. An Email List
  5. A way to make Landing Pages

These things are a requirement. You pretty much can’t get off the ground without each one. Skip one and it’d be like trying to drive a car with less than four wheels on it. There are a huge range of tools you can buy down the road to make life easier… but these five things you need immediately.

I call it the “Business Planning Starter Kit” and you can find out more about the starter kit when you become a free member of the Academy.

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Pete McKillop

About Pete McKillop

It’s very likely I started not too far from where you are now. I was working full-time at my day job, getting paid decently – but nowhere near the level I wanted. And certainly not with the freedom and impact I was craving.